3333 unique generative deflationary Chinchilla NFT’s

Chinchilla NFT’s

CSS is a collection of 3333 unique randomly generated chinchillas stored on the Solana blockchain.

The goal of these chinchillas is to form a social club with a strong Future DAO community through development of the 33 SYSTEM, Diamond hand owner-exclusive advantages, a community wallet and a future voting system.

Chinchilla NFT’s

The 33 SYSTEM is based on the minting number, price number and the separation of royalties! Minting will be 3333 chinchillas at the price of 0.33 sol. The royalties will be split in 33.3% three ways. One wallet will bee a marketing and development for the future NFT’s, the second one will be DAO wallet and the last one will be the sweep wallet.

Paperhand Royalties

For the first month royalties for the project be 15% for all sales. This is planned in the way for those just looking for a quick flip they will feed our sweep wallet to create a big sweep of floor prices, also give a nice chunk to the DAO wallet to Start stacking NFT’s into it and also give us a nice chunk for marketing and development which will not be touched without letting the community’s decision on how to spend it.


  • Phantom, Solflare and Sollet all work well.

Roadmap 1.0